Monday, August 18, 2014

Little Bits

Creating Art Can Come in Little Bits

I have to remember that although I'm intending to carve out blocks of time to create art that sometimes I just need to be creative about when that happens.

For example...

Last week, I was asked to stand guard over lunches and backpacks left on picnic tables by a group of high school students. At first, I paced and enjoyed a "walking meditation", then an idea flashed to take natural materials around me and create something. I created the rough shape by shuffling my feet, pulling leaves in to an edge. Then I saw mushrooms that had been knocked over, and pine cones in the underbrush and sticks all over. 

My heart sang as I gathered materials and placed them around, then within the shape. It took probably fifteen minutes at the most... 

A few days later, I was rifling through a shed, in search of a piece of equipment when I saw a piece of wood cut in what has become one of my favorite shapes:

Finding this piece of natural art was such a treat! 
It reminds me of the watercolor hearts I love to paint.

This was a collage I created for Amy Frost's Guided Imagery CD.
The names of the tracks are included in the piece.

So wabi sabi, too.


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